Varya Goncharova

The updated logo of the Yermolova Theatre was introduced for the institution’s 95th season beginning in 2020 and takes the form of a typographic interpretation of the theatre’s almost century-long history: a visual bridge connecting past and present, a combination of the Art Nouveau and Futura.

The logo is complemented by the corporate font Yermolova 95, which refers to the era of Maria Yermolova in its decorative plasticity. The theatre’s contemporary vibe is expressed in the sharp deconstructed geometry and embossed pixels.

↓ Info

Art direction: Ira Kosheleva

Design: Varya Goncharova,

Alexandra Korsakova

Client: International Memorial

Photo: Anton Silenin

Awards | 2021

TDC | Certificate of Typographic Excellence

ADCR Awards | Editorial | Shortlist

International book design competition "Zhar-kniga" | Shortlist

Public Talk | 2021

Non-fiction book fair, Moscow