Varya Goncharova

A “fell”, B “lost” — an exhibition catalog dedicated to Soviet censorship. Censorship and resistance to censorship, two essential parts of the Soviet cultural process, are presented here from A to Z.

Font developed for the exhibition catalog refers to and redefines the Soviet aesthetics. Each first paragraph uses censorship-related graphics for each letter. In the center of the catalog, tracing paper is used with graphic elements hiding part of the text, thus design elements refer to the theme of “hidden”, “forbidden”.

↓ To the team

The Catalog was awarded the Type Directors Club New York Certificate of typographic excellence 2021

Art direction: Ira Kosheleva

Design: Varya Goncharova,

Alexandra Korsakova

Client: International Memorial

Photo: Anton Silenin

Awards | 2021

TDC | Certificate of Typographic Excellence

ADCR Awards | Editorial | Shortlist

International book design competition "Zhar-kniga" | Shortlist

Public Talk | 2021

Non-fiction book fair, Moscow